We all have dreams. Dreams that we see slip by us and dreams that we realize. When we take a step back and think about what a dream is – it is a goal that seems so far removed from where we stand today that it appears impossible. Journey to Alpinism serves a purpose. To us, it motivates and makes accountable every day we spend not in pursuit of our dreams. One day we would like to climb in the Alps. Do we have the training, experience, skills, endurance to make it through anything the mountains will throw at us? No. Chronicling this journey has led us to assess where we are, where we want to be, and how we will fill the gaps in the coming years. One day we WILL climb in the Alps. We will bivy overnight. We will struggle back to basecamp completely drained of all reserves. If we all thought about the little steps it takes to reach those audacious goals they might not seem so audacious after all. I hope you join us on this journey one step at a time, help to motivate us, to teach us, to learn from us. Ultimately we hope it inspires you to assess what is important to you. Welcome to our Journey to Alpinism.




James has been around climbing for around 11 years, from working as an instructor at an outdoor adventure camp in Squamish to bouldering in Nova Scotia. His growth as a climber has been slow and steady. Now at a point where he’s able to assess himself and his goals – this project is a realization of the gaps identified to safely get into and out of bigger alpine ranges.


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Matt is in his early 30’s and works at a University. Sometimes he go climbing. Sometimes there’s ice involved, if he’s lucky. Matt reads about health, fitness and diet and occasionally trys some of it out. He also like taking pictures of these things but mostly of his dog.

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