Below is the current status of my goals.

1 Year Goals Best time of year Progress
California May – Sept
Cape Breton Feb Planned Feb 2016
Cascades May – Sept
Colorado May – Sept
Gas Bay Dec
Grafton Notch Feb
Indian Creek March or Nov
Khatadin – Cilly Barber January Need to lead WI5
Mt. Washington Feb Planned Feb 2016
Purcells June – Aug Complete – Bugaboos Pigeon Spire via West Ridge (5.4)
The Chief Aug – Sept The Apron

Here are the ultimate goals given success in what is found above

Long term goals Progress
Denali  –
Ranier  –
Patagonia  –
Eiger  –
Yosemite  –

I would love to hear your encouragement or advice. If you have any please comment below!

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