Upcoming trips

pinnacle gully

After backing off Mount Washington last February with severe avalanche conditions and a team members ankle injury – the windiest mountain on the east coast has been taunting us to have another go. This February two trips are planned, one to NH IceFest and another purely to head down to Huntington ravine to take on Pinnacle Gully (WI3+), well within our range we just need a window!

In August of this year loose plans are coming together to tackle an amazing goal on the list, the Bugaboo’s in BC’s Rockies. As of now a 16 day expedition with 4 routes is on the docket. Pigeon Spire via West Ridge (5.4), Bugaboo Spire via Kain Route (5.7), Snowpatch Spire via S.W. Corner (5.9), and Crescent Spire via Lions Way (5.6). This list is large but do able – it also gives real meaning to the training program we are planning, peaking in early August.


Where else should we go? Come back to see how we are doing and kick us into gear!

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