Hello amazing adventurous world!

Hello world! My name is James. I am so excited to have started this project! For a few years now I have been climbing recreationally slowly building up my knowledge, skill level, and technique.

What aspect of climbing do I love the most? That is a challenging question, but whenever I go out multi-pitch climbing, THAT is when I am at my best – my most excited and most stoked. To me multi-pitch feels like what climbing is meant to be. Conquering faces rather than problems, pushing my self to beyond any preconceived limits of what I was capable of. Generally, this is in the form of 3 pitches at the high end. I live on the east coast of Canada which is not known for it’s rock formations. As such I have ready access to world class bouldering, but no real mountains to train on. Here in lies an inherent challenge, training and learning in a place where any real mountain is a 12 hour drive away.

To this end I have decided to better define my goals and make them public. Making myself accountable to truly pursuing them. Here I will chronicle all of my trips, training, courses, and goals all in one place. One day adding a teaching and maybe even food panel. I hope you follow me on this journey and help to motivate me to stay on track!

For now lets get this started! I can’t wait to begin this journey.

On Belay!

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