Goal completed: Wilderness and Remote First Aid

Today so excited to announce I am able to update one of my short term goals for training – complete a wilderness and remote first aid course with Adventure and Safety Atlantic. In mid November with the temps dropping to near sending range we booked off a weekend with 11 of our closest climbing friends to commit time, money, and energy to building our competence. The three day course, including an overnight, was packed with live scenarios, experiential learning, and a real understanding of WHY we approach accidents and emergencies the way we do. The biggest thing to manage in the wilderness is Time. Coupled with complex terrain you really do not want issues to arise.

Over the coming weeks I will be reviewing what we learned on this course and how it affected our outlook on the situations we put ourselves in regularly. For now I am heading over to our Training Page to tick off this course and move one step closer to completing my Journey to Alpinism. Wahoo!

Bloody nose

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