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As we move into the final 4 weeks of trip prep we’d like to invite you to join our progress through various social media channels. In creating this blog we’ve tried to stratal a line between spray and self motivation [Warning: This post skews to the side of spray]. Both Matt and I love the fact that this has been a journey of learning, helping us to expose what we don’t know and make us accountable to continue to learn and train. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, subscribed, read, dropped knowledge, and kept us in line thus far (shout out to Jimmy who has been with us virtually from the start).

If you’ve enjoyed hearing from two guys that are figuring this whole thing out as they go OR perhaps you don’t have ENOUGH of Matt’s voice calling us all phonies OR maybe you would simply like to yell profanity directly into our pockets here is your opportunity!

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2 thoughts on “tweetstagram #myface

  1. I’m too much of an old man at heart to figure out the mysteries of Instagram and Twitter, but I’m all over FB and YouTube. Keep rocking and good luck!

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