Mt. Khatadin – Twisted trip video

Hey fellow alpine enthusiasts,

As you read this Matt and I are somewhere in the mountains West of Calgary humming and hawing over what incredibly inspiring peak we should climb next OR maybe we are huddled on a ledge OR perhaps we are huddle around a re-hydrated meal. There is no way to know for sure. I wrote this post the day that we left (a week ago) to share with you some content while we are out of range of the virtual world.

A couple of months ago Matt and I went back to Khatadin to test ourselves on the Armadillo. You can read the trip report here. We also took some video during the trip and then made a short film which, to be honest, felt like a lot of climbing video’s we’d seen. So to spice it up a little we asked the ladies in our lives (who are not climbers) to narrate the video and be as critical as they could. You’ve never seen a video like this before, I can assure you.

Get ready to laugh, cry, feel sorry for us or jealous. Thanks girls!

[Matt’s editor note: I’ll tag this NSFW due to adult language and 8 year old boy maturity]

Can’t wait to update you on how the Bugaboos are treating us!

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