The Bugaboo Project

Welcome to season finale of the first phase Journey to Alpinism. Project Bugaboo: Complete an alpine climbing trip without dying. Now seems as good a time as any to release the 2 minute video about our first training cycle.

Our first season followed (as closely as we could) the Training for the New Alpinism Program from Steve House and Scott Johnson in preparation for an alpine trip to the Canadian Rockies. It was here that we realized the massive potential as well as the vast chasm between where our skills are and where they need to be to comfortably attempt the lines that inspire us. The video below is a quick snapshot our our 8-month program including footage of one of the lines we climbed during the trip.

What we learned on this trip helped to direct our training for the following cycle. This week we are heading to the Red River Gorge as we enter the performance phase of the second training cycle since starting this Journey. Our second cycle has been focused on pushing grades and dealing with fear, but more on this to come. Stay tuned!

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