Tapering yourself back together

It has been a long hard road with ups and downs. Last week we entered the tapering phase (which I will describe as the “Well earned rest phase”) and now have 1 week remaining until we fly! Our plan cuts weekly volumes by 50% and focuses primarily on easy recovery style workouts, fun bouldering, and eating a ton of good food. So far this is the best part of the program. #NomNom

Shrimp, Avocado, Broccoli, Feta tacos

The theory goes that now is the time to let your body fully recover from the stresses of the most recent climbing specific period and earlier base period – i.e. the last 8 months. This period is a slingshot into your peaking phase (lasting for roughly 6 weeks). You Peak can be more easily maintained than it was to get here so don’t get complacent after all this work.

After Khatadin we scaled back the training to be sure we were in the best shape possible (and not continually writhing on the floor in 15 pieces) for the Bugaboos (and surrounding area). So our tapering has been slightly extended longer than the 2 planned weeks. But the amazing thing is Matt and I have never climbed / bouldered stronger than we are right now. Problems that felt impossible last fall are workable or flashable (is that a Word?). Our foot work on overhangs has us sticking to problems that surprise even ourselves when we aren’t already on the deck. Matt is bouldering like a trad climber and hangs-on to work problems while calmly thinking rather than flailing desperately before jumping off.

Pollys Cove, NS
Pollys Cove, NS. Matt flashes a problem he hadn’t been able to finish for 5 years

We have time to plan, dream, calm down our ladies. We are going to be fine girls!

This has been a challenging year that has tested us in more ways than just physically. We are both excited and nervous to see how prepared we really are. At least we know we gave the preparation phase EVERYTHING we had.

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